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--To the Most RECENT "Class Notes" Updates--
• For W, 8/22: Latour: "Why Has Critique Run out of Steam?" {Canvas PDF}; Nealon: "Interpretation. The Swerve around P: Theory after Interpretation" {Canvas PDF}; McIntyre: "Did Postmodernism Lead to Post-Truth?" (Post-Truth 123-150); "Crit-Theory Flow Chart {Canvas PDF, under "Miscellanea": print & bring}

Reading Notes for Week One:
   These first three readings are designed as an intro to the course's focus on "post-truth" and its putative intersection with postmodernism (or more specifically, poststructuralism, which is characterized by a relativism that treats all "truths" as social constructs). I suggest reading the McIntyre chapter (2018) first, as the most direct (and probably already most publically known) claim regarding the connection of our lamented "post-truth" era and the critical theory of poststructuralism. Latour (2004) and Nealon (2012), as people much more imbued in critical theory themselves, have more—uh—"complicated" views of the current "plight" of critical theory! (Note that MacIntyre uses the Latour article as central support for his "attack" on "postmodernism.") It may seem odd to begin a course on critical theory with some big questions regarding critical theory itself: but to do so is so . . . critical theory!
   A second reason for my text choices: both McIntyre and Nealon will be on campus later this semester. (Latour apparently had other engagements, probably barricaded somewhere against the onslaughts of both scientists and humanists.)

• For W, 8/29:


 W, Aug. 22nd:: Syllabus/course introduction; Bruno Latour: "Why Has Critique Run out of Steam?" {Canvas PDF}; Lee McIntyre: "Did Postmodernism Lead to Post-Truth?" (Post-Truth 123-150)

 Introductory materials:

• Powerpoint: "General Intro: (Continental Philosophy &) Critical Theory" {Canvas PPT, under "Miscellanea"}

• PDF: CritTheoryFlowChart {Canvas PDF, under "Miscellanea"}

À propos of my theory that Euro-Rationalism has pretty much turned upon, or cannibalized, itself.

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 W, Aug. 29th::

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