My GarageBand Lead Guitar Solos (a selection)

        —Tom Gannon (page created: 2 May 2009)

                —hey, it's guitar without my goddawful vocals!—

"Browsin'"—lead solo #1 (rec. 2005)
"Browsin'"—lead solo #2 (rec. 2005)
"Do It"—lead solo (rec. 2006)
"SpiritRide"—intro (rec. 2006)
"SpiritRide"—lead solo (rec. 2006)
"Ice Cream Man" [Tom Waits]—lead solo (rec. 2006)
"BathTub Blues"—lead solo (rec. 2007)
—The following song excerpts were recorded/mixed on a Tascam 2488 workstation (rather than GarageBand),
allowing more tracks for double- and triple-leads:
"My Pills Are Gone"—lead solos #1 & 2 (rec. 2006)
"My Pills Are Gone"—lead solo #3 (rec. 2006)
"My Pills Are Gone"—lead solo #4 (rec. 2006)
—All guitars by TCG (incl. Gibson SG electric and Fender classical acoustic); all MIDI instruments
        (drums, bass, synths, etc.) composed/arranged by TCG (in MIDIgraphy [Mac OS 9]).