TCG's BIRD PHOTOS--Appendix     

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The main (numbered) web pages in this series of TCG's Bird Pix consist of my totally subjectively determined "5-star" photos. This Appendix page, then, contains photos that I also want to share, for a variety of reasons. Perhaps they are borderline "4-star"/"5-star" in my mind; maybe they picture a bird or birds in an usual circumstance or setting; maybe it's my only (half-decent) photo of a relatively rare or otherwise interesting species. They're presented here in tabular form, arranged by species name. Simply click on any thumbnail to see a larger version. . . . Later/on 2nd thought: I am also adding thumbnails of the photos from the "main" pages so that all my uploaded shots of each species are together in one place; these thumbnails have a (brighter) yellow border.

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ThumbnailSpecies NameInfo ThumbnailSpecies NameInfo
Jacana, AfricanOmaha Zoo, 7/8/08 (in the Desert Dome) Jay, BlueLincoln, NE, 6/24/06
Jay, BlueLincoln, NE, 1/14/07 Jay, BlueLincoln, NE, 1/21/07
Jay, BlueHolmes Lake Park (Lincoln, NE), 5/7/09    
Jay, GrayCuster State Park (SD), 3/19/17 Jay, GrayCuster State Park (SD), 3/19/17
Jay, GrayCuster State Park (SD), 3/19/17 Jay, Purplish-backedOmaha Zoo, 7/6/07 (in the Desert Dome)
Jay, Steller'sIdyllwild Arts Academy (Idyllwild, CA), 6/5/10 Jay, Steller'sIdyllwild Arts Academy (Idyllwild, CA), 6/5/10
    Junco, Dark-eyedLincoln, NE, 1/14/07
Junco, Dark-eyedLincoln, NE, 1/14/07 Junco, Dark-eyedLincoln, NE, 1/15/07
Junco, Dark-eyedLincoln, NE, 1/15/07 Junco, Dark-eyedLincoln, NE, 1/15/07
Junco, Dark-eyedLincoln, NE, 1/09/11    

SPECIES:    A    B    C    D    E    F    G    H    I    [J]    K    L
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