[Most created w/ on a Mac Powerbook]

(All bird photos by TCG)

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"John & Martha 7"

"John & Martha 8"--a whole new meaning to "passing" . . .

"John & Martha 9": The question I really wanted to ask (of, say, Huckabee & Romney) during the first few Republican primary debates (2007) . . .

"John & Martha 11"

"John & Martha 10": The satire is aimed, in part, at the many hypocritical conservative talk-show hosts who wave the flag of the U.S. as the greatest country on earth with one hand, and gesticulate towards the incredible "degeneracy" (be it gay, Marxist, atheist, tree-hugger, "Black-culture," etc.) of this same country with the other. . . .

The real humor here involves the irony of my "brave" daughter Emma's (er, Joan of Arc's) later behavior that Halloween: she was frightened by someone dressed up as a huge TV set, and so she and I spent much of the evening waiting in the car instead of trick-or-treating. . . .

To quote Shakespeare, I "have been at a great feast of languages, and" have merely "stol'n the scraps."

Photo taken at the Omaha Zoo; as a student reminded me once, it's pretty incredible how a peafowl's cry sounds like "Help! Help! Help!" . . .

Not a cartoon per se, but a pict I use on several of my other web pages, usually accompanied by the Western Meadowlark's audio/song. (Oh, yeh, it is a dig at all those web pages with irritating commercial banners. . . .) [Correction to my general note that I took all the bird photos: not this one—it's the simple result of a Google Images search. . . .]

When I put this on my office door, several people commented upon it, but I'm still not sure they got it. Do you?

"John & Martha 12" [4/09]: My wink at the end-of-the-world nuts' infatuation with the Mayan calendar . . .

"John & Martha 13" [5/09]: A "gag gift" photo for the full-professor folk most responsible for helping me get tenure . . .

"John & Martha 14" [5/09]: Almost verbatim from my daughter a few years back, when she was a "'tween";
of course, having a dark, "foreboding" bird utter the words augments the irony.

"John & Martha 15" [5/09]

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