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== CHARLES ALBANO ==    (email:
    Dr. Charles Albano is an Adjunct Professor of Management at the Graduate School of Business, Fairleigh Dickinson University in New Jersey. He also operates a firm that provides management training to business and industry called "Adaptive Leadership," Interestingly, his web site contains a number of his business-oriented poems:
    His interest in poetry and nature was, in good measure, an outgrowth of his early experiences of wonder and joy with the large flocks of pigeons kept by his father and uncles. What he has written in "High Flyers" he says is very representative of his memories of those early experiences and of the pigeon fancier "sub-culture" that endures in America and overseas to this day. (The web identifies the sites of a surprisingly large number of pigeon "fanciers" worldwide.)
    Charles, while admiring homing pigeons, still holds those "tumblers" and "rollers" closest to heart for their daring and fascinating flight maneuvers. They seem to be part of built-in escape and avoidance counter-measures that nature provided as protection from birds of prey. He has watched them on many occasions roll backwards in flight and tumble one or two thousand feet before pulling out above the ground. (Truthfully, they don't always succeed!) Even when birds of prey are not in the vicinity, these rugged little daredevils seem to take joy in doing this!
    This is also a tactic by which one owner's flock sometimes infiltrates another's as they mix in the sky. If and when the flocks return intact to their original home lofts, they are likely to be accompanied by "strays" and newly-won "converts" from a "competitor's" flock. When that happens, he says, depending on the friendship between the owners, they are either returned as a normal courtesy, or if the owners dislike each other, they will be "re-banded" and kept as POW's until they learn to identify with the new flock, mate and get to know the owner. (Sounds like "hyper-competition" in modern business!) He has forgiven all the family-owned pigeons for the countless times he had to clean their coops after school! He says such close proximity to nature stirs poetic sentiment.
    UPDATE (7/01): Charles' new series of five poetry books can be ordered from or

== SCOTT EDWARD ANDERSON ==     (email:
    Scott Edward Anderson was the winner of the 1998 Larry Aldrich Emerging Poets Competition and received the Nebraska Review Award in Poetry in 1997. He has also been a semi-finalist for the "Discovery"/THE NATION award. His poetry has appeared in numerous literary journals and magazines, and his reviews and essays regularly appear in THE BLOOMSBURY REVIEW. He is also the author of WALKS IN NATURE'S EMPIRE: EXPLORING THE NATURE CONSERVANCY'S PRESERVES IN NEW YORK STATE, published by The Countryman Press in 1995.

    . . . works at the Colorado Bird Observatory.

== POLLY BROWN ==    (email:
    "My poems about birds combine overlapping influences: my beginnings among people who spend a lot of time staring at hills and water and sky--a habit continuing into my children's generation; but also my pleasure in reading the work of Frost and Yeats and A. R. Ammons and Mary Oliver; my work, since 1986, with Every Other Thursday, a Boston-area poets' community combining the life of the heart and the mind in an extraordinary way; and my second vocation as a teacher, at Touchstone Community School in Grafton, Massachusetts, where I share with my young adolescent students not only the pleasures of reading and writing but also those of history and geography and science, including evolution, a special interest. How have I been lucky enough to escape specialization in an age of specialization? And why are birds such good guides to life, the universe and everything? I'm not sure, but I'm glad.
    "All three poems appear in _Blue_Heron_Stone_, a chapbook published by Every Other Thursday Press in 2000. The chapbook's title poem has also appeared in _Appalachia_ and in _Sanctuary_, two wonderful journals about nature that regularly publish poetry. "Pigeon Hawk," one of my first published poems, appeared in the mid-70's, in an Ithaca, New York publication called _The_Grapevine_Press_."

== DAVID CHORLTON ==    (email:
    David Chorlton was born in Spittal-an-der-Drau, Austria, and grew up in Manchester, England. After two years of growing bored in an insurance office, he studied graphic design and began to paint, eventually beginning a short career as a commercial artist. He moved to Vienna in 1971. His first tentative lines of poetry were committed to paper in the early 1970s and contact with a small English-speaking writers group led to his first readings in Vienna. After three years in the design studio of a detergent company, he left to allow more time for painting. In 1978, he moved to Phoenix together with Roberta, his Arizona-born wife. Since then, his poems have appeared piecemeal in a long list of literary magazines and collections of poetry include FORGET THE COUNTRY YOU CAME FROM from Singular Speech Press, and OUTPOSTS from Taxus Press in Exeter, England. His translations of prose by Austrian writer Hans Raimund appeared in 1997 from Event Horizon Press as VIENNESE VENTRILOQUIES. Essays, reviews and other prose have appeared in a range of publications. His paintings, mostly watercolour, have been exhibited in Austria and the United States, and ASSIMILATION, a new chapbook, has just appeared from Main Street Rag.
    "As I continue writing poetry, the process eclipses the product. I have written my way closer to the Southwest desert and tried to maintain a link of sorts with the Europe I left behind, discovering as I go that poetry to me is language's dream-life."

== ETHAN COLLINGS ==    (email:
    "I'm a Junior at Pepperdine University majoring in Creative Writing. There's little else of interest in my life, except for the epic on the pan-galactic rise and fall of the Great Gummi Empire." Ethan is the son of . . .

== MICHAEL R. COLLINGS ==    (email:
    "I teach creative writing at Pepperdine University and just published my sixth and seventh books of poetry this year: MATRIX (120 pages, White Crow Press, 1995, $25.00) and ALL CALM, ALL BRIGHT: CHRISTMAS OFFERINGS (112 pages, Zarahemla Motets/White Crow Press, $15.00). I have been at Pepperdine for 17 years, and my non-poetry includes books and articles about writers as diverse as Stephen King and John Milton (I am considered an internationally recognized authority on King and his works). Right now, though, I am concentrating on poetry, POETRY, POETRY!!" Michael is now poet-in-residence at Seaver College of Pepperdine University.

== KEITH ALLEN DANIELS ==    (email:
    "Michael R. Collings [see above] wrote the introduction to my first full-length collection of poems, WHAT ROUGH BOOK: DARK POEMS & LIGHT (winner, 1992 Fallot Literary Award). My second collection, SATAN IS A MATHEMATICIAN & OTHER POEMS, will appear in 1998 from Anamnesis Press."
        [From a literary bio on the Web:]
    "Keith Allen Daniels, a member of the Science Fiction Poetry Association since 1979, has been publishing poetry since 1972. Listed with Poets & Writers, Inc. and Whos Who in Writers, Editors and Poets, he has been called one of the foremost science fiction poets of our time by David Kopaska-Merkel, editor of Dreams & Nightmares. His poems have appeared in Asimovs Science Fiction, SomePIG! (an 'arachnoid poezine'), Weird Tales, Recursive Angel, Poets of the Fantastic, Narcopolis, Once Upon a Midnight and numerous other magazines and anthologies. He has given readings at Barnes & Noble, the World Science Fiction Convention and the Fort Mason Center in San Francisco. In addition to winning the National Association of Independent Publishers Fallot Literary Award for What Rough Book in 1993, his work has been nominated for the Nebula Award, the Rhysling Award (13 times), the Pushcart Prize and the Clark Ashton Smith International Poetry Award. His poem, Satan is a Mathematician, was awarded the 1995 Rhysling Award (Honorable Mention) in the Short Poem category. His other books include Loopy Is The Inner Ear (Quick Glimpse Press, 1993), Dyscrasias (Anamnesis Press, 1995), Notes From The Antipodes (Anamnesis Press, 1995), Apokalyptikon (Anamnesis Press, 1995), Arkology: Animal Poems for Curious Humans (with Toni Luna Montealegre, Anamnesis Press, 1996) and With All of Love: Selected Poems by James Blish (editor; Anamnesis Press, 1995)."

== RICHARD DENNER ==    (email:
    Richard Denner lives near Sebastopol, California, where he teaches poetry at a Waldorf School. He was for many years the proprietor of Fourwinds Bookstore and Cafi in Ellensburg, Washington, and the manager of a Tibetan Buddhist Dharma store for Tara Mandala Retreat Center in Pagosa Springs, Colorado. In his spare time, he publishes dpress chapbooks. You are welcome to visit his website:

== TOM GANNON ==    (email:
    "I'm the creator of these CoolBirdPoems web pages, and I worked away for six months of this project only to finally be able to sneak in a few poems of my own."    ;-}
    [15 years later:] I'm now an Associate Professor of English and Ethnic Studies at the University of Nebraska-Lincoln and the author of a scholarly tome entitled Skylark Meets Meadowlark: Reimagining the Bird in British Romantic and Contemporary Native American Literature.

== MICHELLE ROGGE GANNON ==    (email:
    Michelle teaches courses in literature and creative writing at the University of South Dakota. But her greatest achievement is her wonderful marriage to Tom Gannon.    ;-}

== ALAN KAUFMAN ==    (email:
    Alan's poem ("I Know How It Feels") "first appeared in Stovepiper (how's that for a bird name?), edited by Mike Daly, a southern California anthology that included Bukowski, Neeli Cherkovski, Steve Richmond, Hu brown Shu, Irving Stetner, me, others. The poem has also been translated into German and published in Berlin in an anthology of six American Spoken Word poets entitled _SLAM!Poetry: Hefitgue Dichtung Aus Den USA_ (Druckhaus Galrev). I've performed the poem in over six countries, always to much laughter. As for me, my most recent book is _Who Are We?_, a collection of poetry. I appear in _ALOUD:Voices From The Nuyorican Poets Cafe_ and have poems forthcoming in _Identity Lessons: Learning American Style_ (Penguin Books),due out in November [1998]."

== JUDIE PEET MARCH ==    (email:
    "Judie Peet lives in Dubbo, a city of some 35,000 in the sheep-wheat belt of central western New South Wales, Australia. Judie has had a lifelong interest in natural history, and an avid interest in birds for around 15 years. She has worked on projects connected with bird welfare, including public awareness campaigns to inform land managers of viable ways to manage agricultural land whilst protecting natural habitat for the benefit of wildlife."

== NELSON MILLER ==    (email:
    "Born and raised in the Tennessee hills. Have taught English at Macon State College in Georgia since 1971. Actively wrote and published poetry 1966-1972, but full-time teaching and other creative interests (including writing for and performing in a comedy troupe for a number of years) drew me away until a year or so ago. Surprised to discover that somehow in the interim I'd become a formalist; now trying to learn to write sonnets. Married for 19 years to an artist who also writes poetry occasionally; we're the human companions to four cats and an African Grey parrot who loves car rides."

== MARCELLA REMUND ==    (email:>   ================
    Marcella is currently pursuing a PH.D. in Creative Writing at the University of South Dakota. She has published poems in a plethora of publications and is also co-editor of the _Vermillion_Literary_Project_. She lives in the country, far (okay, a few miles) from that teeming megalopolis of Vermillion, so that she can see more birds from her kitchen window.

== RACHEL PALMER ==    (email:
    Rachel was one of the brightest students in my Native American Literature course this spring (2008). She will be attending the University of South Dakota in the fall.

== MICHAEL ROTHENBERG ==    (email:
    "This elegy appeared previously in broadside edition and was selected as Fine Print Magazine's Broadside of the Year Award a few years ago. It was also published previously in a collection of my poems, _Favorite_Songs_, published by Big Bridge Press, 1990. My poems have appeared in Ironwood, Exquisite Corpse, Sycamore Review, Berkeley Poetry Review, Mudlark, Pyrowords, Rolling Stock and other publications. I am editor of Big Bridge, a webzine of poetry and everything else, For the past 20 years, I have been active in environmental issues involving the northern California coast. I also was project coordinator for Sea Turtle Restoration Project, Earth Island Institute, San Francisco."

== DAVE RUSLANDER ==    (email:
    "I am a computer network engineer by vocation and have been writing poetry for only about six months. I'm 50 and my wife and I have 2 beautiful horses, that we think of as our 1000 pound babies."

== LYNN SAMSEL ==    (email:
    A native Californian transplanted to the Midwest, Lynn SamselÕs writing can best be described as eclectic. Celebrations of life, transformation, and making do are captured in her poetry, from the sound of ocean surf caught in the branches of plains-planted cottonwoods to the miracle of life captured by the first brave crocus of spring. She wrote her first poems at age 10; left off writing ten years later when life happened; and came back to the creative life a few years ago. Open mikes at coffee houses and a few forays into slam keep things lively.

== FRANK STOKES ==    (email:
    "I retired in 1993 as a professor of English (25 years at Eastern Illinois University); BA,MA, PhD from The University of Illinois. I wrote the original draft of this poem around 1973 but revised it last month. I recall reading somewhere that bird images predominate in the works of blind poets; I am fully sighted but still no stranger to the image of flight.
    "I retired to Maui for five years to write fiction, but on returning to Springfield, Illinois, resumed the writing of poetry, the local writers' group being more congenial for poets. Last year I self-published two collections of poetry: Out Of Nothing A Something; and Stone Songs And Lighter Verses. Most of my poetry is formal, as shown by my current project, a kind of Spoon River Anthology done entirely in Italian sonnets [Sonnets from The Village Daybook]. A few of these have appeared on The Sonnet Board at Sonnet Central.
    "What else? Married 46 years to the girl I met when she was nine. Five children, three granddaughters. Back in the 1970's I pestered enough editors to get about a dozen poems published--Kansas Quarterly, Ball State Forum, Scholia Satyrica, The Christian Science Monitor are among those I recall. I write every day now, but the passion to see my name in print has cooled considerably."

== KAREN STROMBERG ==    (email:
    "Karen Stromberg believes poetry is your basic cottage-industry. She works on an ancient LC-2 inherited from her children. She is currently teaching an on-line class on writing small form poems--the lune, the haiku, the clerihew, the cinquain, etc. A forthcoming book, 'As Yet Untitled,' will be released from Caernarvon Press, San Diego, early in 2001."

== RITA SUMMERS ==    (email:
    "I am a Canadian, resident in Australia since my teens. I have written poetry seriously for a couple of years, although I was writing articles and short stories long before that. My first collection of poems, AN UNSORTED DRAWER, was published last year, in the U.S.A. as a chapbook. If you want to check this out, the web address is:
    "I have had 2 poems (1996 and 1997) in the semi-finals of the National Library of Poetry Contest, with one receiving an Editor's Choice Award. The second is still in the running for the grand prize of $1,000. Both will be included in anthologies. I also won equal first in the International Yellow Moon Literary Competition, with a tanka poem. I also have a number of poems on different web sites on the Internet (Unpublished Works, OzLit and Live Poets Society).
    "There's more, but that'll do. Currently, I'm looking for a publisher for my latest collection, FAIR AS THE MOON, BRIGHT AS THE SUN, which will include the Washing Day poem."

== DAN TOMPSETT ==    (email:
    "I have been writing off and on since I was eight or nine years old., that's forty years already. I have never submitted anything for publication except to a couple of ezines and a small newspaper in southern Idaho. I joined an online poetry workshop a few months ago and am taking writing more seriously now. I have been birding for about twenty years. I had the privilege of observing a Loggerhead Shrike every day for three weeks while living in Pacifica, Ca about five years ago. (1995). I have never read a poem about the Shrike so I decided to write one."

== PENNY WILKES ==    (email:
    Penny Wilkes has served as managing editor of a scientific journal, travel writer and columnist. Along with short stories, her articles on animal behavior and humor have appeared in a variety of publications. She teaches creative writing in San Diego, California. Penny is completing her MFA in poetry.

    A friend's umbrella cockatoo, Charmaine, was the inspiration for "A Manifestation." (The poem was forwarded by the "friend," Joan Hervey , and is included here with the author's permission.)

GREAT THANKS, also, to . . . == SAM DROEGE ==    (email: FROG@NBS.GOV)
  ================ . . . for his multitudinous contributions of bird-poem texts. Besides his work for the National Biological Service (, Sam enjoys life as a "Naturalist, homesteader, traditional woodworker, and general misanthrope" who "Lives off the grid in cabin in the woods with warblers, tanagers, and his family in Davidsonville, MD."