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Select the desired chord in the scrolling text field; then click the "Show Fingering" button. For OPEN chords, blackened dot-circles above the nut indicate open strings. For ANY chord, moreover, strings with no blackened dot at all are unplayed (or deadened).

For MOVEABLE forms [e.g., "F (move1)"], the flashing dots above the nut indicate the string(s) on which the chord voicing's root (or "1") occurs, so that you can more readily build different chords using the same moveable fingering pattern. Thus moving the "F (move1)" form one fret higher ("up" the fingerboard) creates an F# Major chord, etc. (If you have no idea what I'm talking about here, see the chord-info link below.)

Finally, the chart only includes the more common open positions and moveable forms of the Major, minor, dominant 7th, Major 7th, and minor seventh chords, for now. (Okay, I've just thrown in a few moveable augmented and diminished seventh voicings. But as for a full-blown chord-encyclopedia program, I'm working on a HyperCard stack instead!...)

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Interactive table/form stuff modified from
**The JavaScript Guitar Chord Chart** by Gordon McComb