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New (as of 5/99): TCG's Guitar Lesson Page w/ MIDI: Chords & Jams
Grab your guitar and play along with MIDI "jam" tunes by following the diagrams!


NEW: If your browser (or computer) has MIDI capabilities,
you might check out a few of my MIDI tunes/arrangements....
[QT/MIDI plug-in or "helper" application highly recommended....]

-=-=Cool Guitar Sites=-=-

* The LEO Guitar Page

* The Guitar-world of the Internet

* GUITAR-NET --lessons, cool graphics . . .

    * Guitar-Net's JAZZ GUITAR Online

* National Guitar Academy


* Gibson USA Home Page

* Harmony Central: Guitar Resources --guitar software, too!

    * Harmony Central: Guitar: Tablature --with OLGA search!

* Guitar Nine Records --lessons, other resources

* Guitar Notes by Jason Nieh --LOTS of resources

* Steve's Guitar Related Links

* Matt's Guitar Links

* JavaScript Guitar Chord Chart--cool, interactive!

* Dan's Guitar Page--tutorials, scales, and examples, with tablature

* Justin's's Guitar Page--tablature, riffs, and scales

* Joe's Guitar Links & Tablature--lots of links, & an ascii "Chord Finder"!

* Jeff's Guitar Site--riffs, links, & favorite players

* Guitar Lesson World --thorough set of guitar lessons

* WS64 Guitar Chords --"Graphical display of chord shapes, including 6ths, 9ths and other jazz chords. All chords available as MIDI-files."

* Kyles' Virtual Guitar Lesson --theory, lessons, chords, & software links

* TAB site (OLGA) --the MOTHER of all on-line tab sites (working mirror!)

    * TABs--INDEX

* Cal Woods' Nevada Guitar Home Page :-{

* [ftp:] GuitarLand :-{ . . . sorry, this "string" is dead, man! . . .

-=-=Cool Guitar-Related Sites=-=-

*Lyrics Directory
    --the "mother lode" at (often busy)

* [ftp file:] Jazz Primer (but--243K! txt)

-=-=TCG's Own GUITAR Stuff=-=-

Local Guitar Files (not at, or . . .)

* [file:] NEW (& Improved): Beauty and the Beast (tab) (26K txt)
    --Alan Menken (from Beauty and the Beast ); a jazz/schmaltz! guitar arrangement . . .

* [file:] Chim Chim Cher-ee (tab) (7K txt)
    --Sherman & Sherman (from Mary Poppins ); a jazz guitar arrangement . . .

* [file:] Dirt in the Ground (lyr/crds) --Tom Waits (4K txt)

* [file:] Perfect Water (lyr/tab/crds) --BÖC (7K txt)

* [file:] Planet Caravan (tab [guitar & bass]) --Black Sabbath (2K txt)

* [file:] Summertime (crds) --Gershwin (4K txt)

* [file:] Wipe Out (tab) --The Surfaris(?!) (4K txt)

* [file:] Scales: A Brief Compendium (7K txt)
    --"numeric" formulae, not tab . . .

* [file:] Chord Chart Template (4K txt)
    --a print-out form for quick'n'dirty guitar arrangements/chord charts . . .

* [file:] NEW: Chord Formulae & Fingerboard Chart (7K txt)
    --"music is numbers" --TCG (or was it Pythagoras?) . . .

    * NEW: Fingerboard Chart
    --HTML version (Tables-supported browser required)

* NEWER: TCG's CHORD DIRECTORY --"finder" system for "all" chords
    --(Tables-supported browser required) --in-progress!!!!--it'll be a while . . .

  ****Oops--in fact, I've aborted the above directory for now, 'cuz I'm workin' on a HyperCard stack that provides the same info, and more (sorry: DOS DOSn't!)

    A Compendium of Chord Progressions (--forever in-progress)

    click-and-change interactivity--requires Netscape 2.+

Guitar Files of Mine at Remote Sites

(--Note: all at busy!--)

NOTE: As of January, 1997, your best bet for any tabs (including those below) is at Harmony Central. Enter any of the titles below that interest you in the Search form on that page: most, if not all, of the files below are still there, i think....

NEW: updated links to a working (for NOW?) mirror site!

* All Blues --Miles Davis (tab)

* Autumn Leaves (crds)

* Better Off Without a Wife --Tom Waits (lyr/crds)

* Blue Oyster Cult's Greatest Riffs

* Color My World --Chicago (tab)

* Desperado --The Eagles (guitar tab of organ part!)

* Ghost Riders in the Sky (tab)

* Giant Steps --John Coltrane (tab)
    --jazz melody-chord arrangement . . .

* Highway to Hell --AC/DC (tab)
    --mine's the last version in the file. . . .

* Home of the Blues --Johnny Cash (lyr/crds)

* Ice Cream Man --Tom Waits (lyr/crds)

* Laguna Sunrise --Black Sabbath (tab [two guitars])

* Ode to Joy --Beethoven (tab)

* Pilgrim Chapter 33 --Kris Kristofferson (lyr/crds)

* Planet Caravan --Black Sabbath (tab [gu & b])
    --the file at Nevada has Pantera's version jumbled in and the
    spacing fouled up, so I've added it to the local files above . . .

* Sleepwalk (tab)
    --jazz melody-chord arrangement . . .

* So What --Miles Davis (tab)

* Spooky --The Classics Four/Atlanta Rhythm Section (tab)

* Take Five --Dave Brubeck (tab)
    --mine's the last arrangement (for rhythm guitar) . . . .

* Three Easy Pieces --Fernando Sor (tab)
    --my title for three short'n'easy classical ditties . . .

* Charts of Guitar Scales

-=-=Guitar-Related NewsGroups=-=-

* alt.guitar







Speaking of guitar newsgroups, I posted this in a while back. . .

"Tabber" Bummers--

A Top 10

10. Every request for tabs you've seen in the last 2 months are for songs
  and groups you've never heard of, never mind could spell correctly....

9. You quickly tab an easy request, post it to both guitar .tab groups,
  and append a long, elaborate, and boastful sig.--only to discover that
  all the fret numbers are one string higher than you meant them to be....

8. You spend 3 days working on a tune, then post the tab, only to find
  that, due to some monstrous but undocumented bug in WordPerfect, it's
  been formatted into 240-character line lengths, and the screen results
  in the tab groups, well ... you decide that alt.symbology.hieroglyphic.
  religious.obscure.geek-code is a better venue for this effort....

7. You spend 4 days working on a tune, then discover that you've been
  preempted by "Hey, it's in the Nov. '87 issue of _Thrash_Guitar_
  World_. I'll xerox & fax it to yu', just 'cuz that's the kind o'
  cool dude I am!"

6. You spend 5 days working on a tune, post it, and someone replies, "I
  just read somewhere that Neil plays this in open D tuning. So this is
  all wrong. ComPLETEly worthless. (You dork.)"

5. You spend 6 days working on a tab with lots of incredibly difficult
  up-the-fingerboard voicings, and proudly post it, only to read, "Geez,
  I saw her playin' this on MTV, with open chords and a capo on the 6th
  fret! What a dork!" (YOU don't GET cable, not since the wife left....)

4. You magnanimously tab a request for "Paranoid," then post it,
  only to read, "I wanted the Black Sabbath song! Who IS this Grand Funk
  guy, anyway? (Get a life. Dork.)"

3. You spend 7 days working on a tune, but accidentally post it to alt.
  sex.bondage.gerbils. Luckily (or perhaps not), the song is Zappa's
  "Penguin in Bondage," and you find that your email folder is
  suddenly packed ... er ... full....

2. You spend 8 days working on a request for tab to the new G'n'R tune/
  MTV vid, only to find that Slash himself has just posted the tab. (Or
  is his name Stash? Hell, you don't even know anymore, but you comfort
  yourself with the sneaking suspicion that he's misnamed one of the 

1. You spend a whole month tabbing all 13 songs from the new #1
  alternative-rock album (leads, lyrics, you got it all), waiting to post
  them all in one *victorious* batch. But just as you finish tabbing the
  last tune, your modem is struck by lightning, and your Internet account
  at the University is suddenly cancelled because they've found out that
  you're just a no-account, do-nothing guitar player who had only been
  masquerading as a college student--what with your major in "Vague &
  General Studies" and your GPA less than the number of left-hand
  fingers needed to play an open E string. (Worse yet and finally, that
  alternative-rock band, of course, tuned down a half-step for every
  song on the album, and you never do find this out for the rest of
  your pathetic little life....)
                                        [tcg, 9/94]


My Top Ten


First, some Honorable Mentions (in alphabetical order)--
Chet Atkins, Randy Bachman, Jeff Beck, George Benson, Lenny Breau, Kenny Burrell, Charlie Byrd, Toy Caldwell, Charlie Christian, Herb Ellis, Tal Farlow, Mark Farner, John Fogerty, Jim Hall, Kirk Hammett, Tony Iommi, Robert Johnson, Robby Krieger, Alvin Lee, Pat Metheny, Wes Montgomery, Tony Motolla, Les Paul, Bucky Pizzarelli, Jimmy Raney, Johnny Smith, Robin Trower, Leslie West, Neil Young, Frank Zappa

Two favorites from my C&W childhood--the former was one of the "fathers" of Rockabilly; the latter (no relation) was J. Cash's guitarist with the Tennessee Three. (Geez, some of JC's early stuff was pretty ROCKIN'--I'm still waitin' for some metal band to remake "Big River"!)

What a nice (Gibson) tone! Duke of the Dorian mode. (Check out "Europa" on Moonflower .)

Like his slow bends, his baroque-like, formal approach to leads; and, if for no other reason, Machine Head was my first metal album. . . .

Saw him in Rapid City, SD, circa 1978--his head never stopped bobbin' the whole show; besides, he plays an SG!

Like his acoustic stuff with the lush chords the best (e.g., "The Rain Song"); but he also used lots of so-called "jazz chords" in his electric stuff at a time when jazz-rock was a mere empty space in the head of this South Dakotan. . . .

Longtime favorite--"intuitive" genius for hot, horn-like lead solos, but now I find myself waitin' for his diminished-chord rhythm fills! . . .

First guitarist to really "turn me on" to jazz; subsequently saw him in Vermillion, SD (about 15 years ago): he played our request for Django's "Nuages", and during the break I got his autograph in the bathroom (shud'up!). . . .

Gave T. Waits' Rain Dogs and Frank's Wild Years their innovatively dissonant "junkyard" sound; flatted fifths & flatted ninths in a rock format! . . .

2. DONALD (Buck Dharma) ROESER
The lead guitarist for the Blue Öyster Cult. His lightning-fast-yet-melodically-tasty leads taught me that there was more to rock leads than circle-pickin' the pentatonic minor scale; he also had a knack for "steering" his leads to a nice climax, approaching the rock solo as an aesthetic whole, a mini-art-form, as it were. . . . (what'd'I just say?!)

His solo jazz guitar made me realize for the first time that a guitarist could combine melodies & harmonies as skillfully and tastefully as a pianist; my guitar buddy used to write him to invite him to our yearly Django (Reinhardt) party every year for a while--Joe never showed up, but always sent back a nice "thanks-but-no-thanks" letter. (To my friend's assertion that Joe was the greatest guitarist alive, Mr. Pass humbly replied, "Well, I'm pretty sure that I'm the best guitar player in my neighborhood"!)

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