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=== An E-ANTHOLOGY ===


And, in the isolation of the sky,
At evening, casual flocks of pigeons make
Ambiguous undulations as they sink,
Downward to darkness, on extended wings.
        --Wallace Stevens, from "Sunday Morning"



     Through the centuries, poets have employed the imageof the bird to symbolize the deepest psychic strivings of humankind. Whetherit be via the soaring, ebullient skylark or the dark, brooding owl (but hereI already project!), the poethas voiced both our highest ("winged") hopes and aspirations--AND our darkest fears and deepest melancholy. What follows is an e-text anthology of their efforts in this realm.

     The poems--all on-site .txt files--are ARRANGED alphabetically according to TYPE of BIRD: I've used specific species whenever possible (e.g., JAY, BLUE), but I've resorted to generic names when necessary (e.g., SANDPIPER or SPARROW). This latter resort was due, in part, to my rather limited knowledge of non-U.S. birds, though I have performed some research into the commonEnglish species rhapsodized by Shakespeare, Wordsworth, et al.

     I have most of the oft-anthologized STANDARDS here, plus many more, obscurer GEMS, including some poetry-in-translation and some light verse. The poems were CHOSEN chiefly for their literary MERIT, but I must give you fair warning: also included are some saccharine favorites from a SENTIMENTAL childhood. . . .

     New--upon request, I have begun to include some original netizen contributions, indicated by an  *EXCLUSIVE* label.

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    * *    New (5/2008)--I added bird-photo "thumbnails" (and some bird-song audio) to the POEMS page per se. (Also, this "front" page you're on is pretty obsolete; I've devoted most of my recent attention to the POEMS and SPECIES pages. . . .)

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*-=TCG's WORDSWORTH'S BIRDS PAGE (an exercise in obsessive-compulsivity)

*-=TOMMY'S BIG DAY (my annotated birding outing on June 4th, 2007, in tabular format)


*-=TCG's "literary" INTRODUCTION to the UNL Digital Humanities project, BIRDS OF NEBRASKA


*-=TCG's Cartoons (most of them based upon my own bird photos--but beware: heavy anthropomorphism ahead!)



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