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  The Association for the Study of Literature and Environment (A.S.L.E.)

  "Place-Based Curriculum and Instruction: Outdoor and Environmental Education Approaches" (Woodhouse & Knapp / Eric Digest)

  "Some Resources for Place Based Environmental Education" (Mitchell Thomashow / A.S.L.E.)

  "Common Ground: Folklore and Place-Based Education" (Paddy B. Bowman / The Rural School and Community Trust)

  "The 'I - Thou' Relationship, Place-Based Education, and Aldo Leopold" (Clifford E. Knapp / The Journal of Experiential Education)

  Department of English, University of Nebraska-Lincoln
As Mary K. Stillwell notes, "The University of Nebraska is fundamentally a 'green' institution, a land grant institution established by the Morrill Act of 1862 that grows from the land itself. Our students are, as the new Husker tee-shirt proclaimed in the bookstore this past fall, children of the corn!"



[—An untamed area open for development—]


"Rook in the beech-tops. trout in the stream. Owl in the high-wood. cricket in the damp. . . . Place is what they practice, an all sufficient knowledge. . . .
    No proper where to these humans. Anywhere will do. The only indispensable where for them is among other humans."
        —Verlyn Klinkenborg,
                Timothy 145, 147