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--Since I've appended last-uploaded/updated dates to the individual files, each category of MIDI files is now alphabetized according to song title. The #'s preceding each file name, on the other hand, indicate the actual file creation (Opus #) order....
COPYRIGHTS & ALL THAT: No karaoke lyrics are included in the arrangements below out of regard for possible copyright problems. Moreover, if the owner of the copyright to any of the tunes below resents its distribution, the offending file will be removed upon request--although how even the best MIDI version of a song might mitigate against someone buying the original recording is beyond the ken of _this_ South Dakotan.... 7/02 NOTE: the chord progressions to many of these tunes are available on my chord progressions page.


* Art Bell Theme (The Chase)

Giorgio Moroder's instrumental, from the Midnight Express soundtrack; yeh, I listen to Art Bell too much: after hearing 30 seconds of it every night, I had to figure out the whole thing....
5-Star Rating: * * * * *
Instruments: Brightness, Shanai, EchoDrops, WarmPad, SynStrings1, StarTheme, SynthBass1(2), SynthBass2, ReverseCymbal, Scream, Drums(2)
GS/GM Quirks: GS: BankSelect, GSdrumnote#, GSdrumPC(ElectronicSet), Sysex(DrumRemap), NRPN(FilterCutoff,FilterResonance,DecayTime,ReleaseTime); GM: reverb, chorus

     109. ArtBell.mid   (GS; 59K; 5:34) (Updated: 2/21/00)

{{QT4 movie version: (147K) (Uploaded: 12/20/99)}}
{Brightness->EchoDrops, StarTheme->HaloPad; ElectronicSet->SynthDrum, [Seashore->]"from the Kingdom of Nye"(audio)}

* As {BIAB; karaoke}

Stevie Wonder's "As", aka "Always"; some keyboard-input on the melody; some rhythm instruments adapted from BIAB (DANCPOP2.STY); for L.B....
5-Star Rating: * * * * *
Instruments: SynVox, AltoSax, MutedTrumpet, Brass1, MutedGt., E.Piano2, FretlessBs., OverdriveGt., Drums
GS/GM Quirks: GS: Sysex(rev:Hall1), NRPN(FilterCutoff,FilterResonance); GM: reverb, chorus, portamento

     93. StevieAsKAR.mid   (GS; 84K; 6:27) (Updated: 1/12/00)

* Beauty and the Beast

Yeh, I got a four-year-old, who's turned me on to the music of Disney. This is pretty much my chord-solo guitar version, though the guitar part is doubled for delay and "body"; after the over-quantized 1st part comes a double-time section with some neat (but what do I know!?) chord strummin'.... Plus, you can also check out my TAB version of the same arrangement.
5-Star Rating: * * *
Instruments: Gt.FretNoise, Gt.CutNoise, Gt.Harmonics, Syn.Strings1, Nylon-str.Gt.(2), SynthBass2, Drums
GS/GM Quirks: GS: BankSelect, Sysex(rev:Room3; chor:Flanger), NRPN(FilterCutoff,AttackTime); GM: sostenuto, softpedal, reverb, chorus, portamento

     41. Beauty&Beast.mid   (GS; 38K; 5:17) (Updated: 3/18/97)

* Blue Bossa {BIAB}

Pure "elevator" version of a Kenny Dorham 60's bossa tune; melody keyboard-inputted; BIAB: L_BOSBRZ.STY, "SGetzwithJobim.Tenor" soloist....
5-Star Rating: * * * *
Instruments: Strings, Trumpet, TenorSax, Syn.Strings1, Vibraphone, Nylon-Str.Gt., AcousticBs., Drums
GS/GM Quirks: GS: GSdrumPC(BrushSet), Sysex(rev:Hall1); GM: reverb, chorus

     100. BlueBossa.mid   (GS; 32K; 3:57) (Updated: 10/11/00)

* Chim Chim Cher-ee {BIAB}

Disney meets Marc Ribot (T. Waits' old guitarist), sort of; rather a dark, "junkyard" version of a tune that was always/already sad enough--to me; BIAB: J_WESWLZ.STY, own "RibotWaltz" soloist....
5-Star Rating: * * *
Instruments: Flute, OverdriveGt., ChoirAahs, Bandoneon, Piano2, FretlessBs., Drums(2)
GS/GM Quirks: GS: GSdrumPC(SFXSet), Sysex(rev:Hall1; DrumRemap), NRPN(FilterCutoff,FilterResonance,AttackTime) GM: reverb, chorus, portamento

     101. ChimChim.mid   (GS; 34K; 3:23) (Uploaded: 6/29/99)

* DamJam (Damaged)

Based on BÖC's "Damaged", with bent-synth leads....
5-Star Rating: * * * *
Instruments: Harmonica, Dr.Solo, SquareWave, E.Piano2, Gt.Harmonics, OverdriveGt., DistortionGt., PickedBs., Drums
GS/GM Quirks: GS: BankSelect, GSdrumPC(PowerSet), Sysex(rev:Hall1), ChannelPressure[Amplitude,LFO1Rate,LFO1PitchDepth]), NRPN(FilterResonance); GM: reverb, chorus, RPN(PitchbendSens)

     91. DamJam.mid   (GS; 50K; 4:05) (Updated: 1/21/99)

* Don't Fear the Reaper

A "Cult Classic" (or Oyster Oldie?!); sorry, I left out the "High Gothic" middle section! (Yeh, there's a .mid file of this on the Net already, but the main riff is wrong, uh, different....) My first attempt at pitch-bendin'--neat stuff....
5-Star Rating: * * * * *
Instruments: Sitar, WarmPad, Violin, SquareWave, Flute, HaloPad, MutedGt., DistortionGt., SlapBass2, Drums
GS/GM Quirks: GS: GSdrumPC(PowerSet), Sysex(rev:Hall1); GM:sostenuto, softpedal, reverb, chorus

     6. DFtheReaper.mid   (GS; 41K; 4:03) (Updated: 5/28/99)

* Falling in Love Again

Old "schmaltz" tune whose title is the story of my life; needs to be sung by a woman with a throaty German accent; like "Ode to Joy," originally done in DMCS, so I pretty much stuck to four voices.... 1st use of Portamento control...
5-Star Rating: * * *
Instruments: Syn.Strings1, Syn.Calliope, Clarinet, FrenchHorn, PickedBs., Drums
GS/GM Quirks: GS: GSdrumnote#; GM: reverb, chorus, portamento

     5. FallingLove.mid   (GS; 7K; 1:25) (Updated: 2/6/97)

* Feed the Birds {BIAB}

That "afterthought" of a tune in Mary Poppins; melody keyboard-inputted; BIAB: MOONRIVR.STY; Sherman & Sherman sure wrote a lotta great tunes, though this one probably won't grab yu' unless you have the same sentimental feelings towards it that I do....
5-Star Rating: * * *
Instruments: Whistle, Wind, Heartbeat, VoiceOohs, Cello, SynStrings1, JazzGt., Nylon-str.Gt., Contrabass, Drums
GS/GM Quirks: GS: BankSelect, GSdrumnote#, Sysex(rev:Hall1); GM: reverb, chorus, portamento

     104. FeedBird.mid   (GS; 20K; 2:18) (Uploaded: 8/12/99)

* FlagSong

Lakota traditional, aka the "Sioux National Anthem"; Intro from Creek "Gar Song"...
5-Star Rating: * * *
Instruments: WarmPad, SynVox, JazzGt., Shakuhachi, PanFlute, Whistle, Cello, Contrabass, Taiko, Seashore, Drums
GS/GM Quirks: GS: GSdrumnote#, Sysex(rev:Delay), NRPN(FilterCutoff,AttackTime); GM: reverb, chorus, portamento, RPN(PitchbendSens)

     92. FlagSong.mid   (GS; 37K; 3:42) (Uploaded: 1/8/99)

* GodSwing

My guitar buddy wanted me to transcribe the bass line to a tune so that he could put the guitar over it so that somebody else could sing over ALL of it--whew!--well, I did so and liked the swingin' bass line so much that I had to put my own "song" over it (yeh, pretty campy, TV-themish stuff, but for the guitar solos); don't know the bassist (or even the Dolly-Partonesque vocalist), but the original tune is called "When God Puts His Pen of Love in My Heart" (perhaps the worst mixed-metaphor-of-a-title ever!)....
5-Star Rating: * * *
Instruments: Brass1, SynVox, Trombone, FunnyVox, MutedGt., StringSlap, AcousticBs., Drums
GS/GM Quirks: GS: BankSelect(+MT32), NRPN(FilterCutoff,FilterResonance,AttackTime); GM: reverb, chorus

     73. GodSwing.mid   (GS; 30K; 4:17) (Uploaded: 8/19/97)

* Goin' Down the Road {BIAB}

Country-Rock/Bluegrass-y arrangement of traditional folk tune; BIAB: C_MODERN.STY...
5-Star Rating: * * * * *
Instruments: Harmonica, Banjo, MutedGt.(3), Honky-tonk, FingeredBs., Drums
GS/GM Quirks: GM: reverb, chorus

     148. GDRoad.mid   (GM; 33K; 2:07) (Uploaded: 3/12/02)

* Guitar Boogie

This is a country-rock tune we used to play as a break song in one of our old bar bands ("We'll be right back--got to hit the pissoir and guzzle down 5 or 6 beers just to be able to _stand_ playing 'Your Cheatin' Heart' again"). Not sure about the composer, or even the title--this arrangement is probably a composite of several country/rock instrumental boogies I've heard since I was a pup.
5-Star Rating: * * *
Instruments: Piano1, JazzGt., OverdriveGt., DistortionGt., Muted Gt., FingeredBs., Drums
GS/GM Quirks: GS: drumnote#; GM: reverb, chorus

     51. GuitBoog.mid   (GS; 22K; 2:02) (Updated: 2/6/97)

* Gypsy Soul {BIAB}

Tommy Bolin tune (hard-rock-guitarist-tries-light-jazz); rhythm instruments initially produced by Band-in-a-Box (Z5BOSSA.STY), then revised and supplemented by keyboard-input tracks; done from memory, so not an attempt at note-for-note accuracy, especially the lead-improv parts...
5-Star Rating: * * *
Instruments: Syn.Calliope, Flute, TenorSax, AltoSax, Nylon-str.Gt., JazzGt., FretlessBs., Drums
GS/GM Quirks: GM: reverb, chorus

     50. GypSoul.mid   (GM; 46K; 3:57) (Updated: 5/4/97)

* Haven't a Klugh [sic]

That is, I have no "Klugh" about the title: I heard it once (twice?) on the radio about 1980, and I'm pretty sure it was Earl Klugh. This is pretty much (as usual) my old solo guitar arrangement; I have NO memory of the original instrumentation, except that Earl(?!) played the main riffs on an acoustic classical(?) guitar....
5-Star Rating: * * *
Instruments: Ice Rain, String Slap, Jazz Gt., Nylon-str. Gt.(2), Fretless Bs., Drums
GS/GM Quirks: GS: GSdrumnote#, Sysex(rev:Room3), NRPN(FilterCutoff); GM: reverb, chorus

     52. Klugh.mid   (GS; 19K; 2:28) (Uploaded: 2/15/97)

* Hooked On Metal

A medley of two songs each from Deep Purple, BÖC, Black Sabbath, and Led Zep (main rhythmic hooks only); one riff keeps recurring as a refrain of sorts; "guess all eight and win a prize!" ...
5-Star Rating: * *
Instruments: SpaceVoice, RockOrgan, DistortionGt., OverdriveGt., FingeredBs., PickedBs., Drums(2)
GS/GM Quirks: GS: GSdrumPC(PowerSet(2)), Sysex(rev:Delay,Hall1,Plate; DrumRemap), NRPN(VibratoDepth,FilterCutoff,FilterResonance,AttackTime); GM: reverb, chorus, portamento

     94. HookMeta.mid   (GS; 88K; 6:25) (Updated: 1/19/00)

* Ice Cream Man {BIAB; karaoke}

Tom Waits tune: one o' the best double-entendre tunes ever written?; did from memory and own old lyric sheet (no time for that drive-yu'-nuts note-for-note stuff!); Melody mac-keyboard-entered; Band-in-a-Box style: FEVER.STY...
5-Star Rating: * * * * *
Instruments: Oboe, VoiceOohs, Strings, Nyl.-Str.Gt., Piano1, AcousticBs., OverdriveGt., Clav, ChoirAahs, Drums
GS/GM Quirks: GS: GSdrumPC(BrushSet), Sysex(rev:Hall1), NRPN(FilterCutoff,FilterResonance); GM: reverb, chorus

     140. ICManKAR.mid   (GS; 37K; 3:06) (Updated: 5/31/03)

* Iowa Fight Song

The "rah-rah-rah" U of I school song, by Meredith Willson; with some Spike-Jones/"drunken"/outa-tune irreverence later on; coda inspired by "Who Let the Dogs Out"...
5-Star Rating: * * *
Instruments: Brass1(2), Piccolo, SopranoSax, Trombone, Tuba, SlapBass2, Timpani, Laughing, Drums
GS/GM Quirks: GS: GSdrumnote#, Sysex(rev:Hall1); GM: reverb, chorus

     136. IowaFightSong.mid   (GS; 21K; 2:35) (Uploaded: 12/9/00)

* I Ride an Old Paint

A childhood favorite (junior high chorus)--attempt at authentic "Cowboy" instrumentation, but devolved into a rather raggedy, bent-note rendition....
5-Star Rating: * * * *
Instruments: Whistle, Harmonica, Fiddle, Banjo, Horse-Gallop, SlapBass2, Taiko
GS/GM Quirks: GS: BankSelect, Sysex(rev:Hall1); GM: reverb, chorus, portamento

     38. RidePaint.mid   (GS; 21K; 2:56) (Updated: 5/31/00)

* It's Impossible

Always loved this tune's changes, even as a young head-banger: my guitar "chord/solo" version, with some perfunctory strings (well, the cello's kind of neat)....
5-Star Rating: * * *
Instruments: Strings, Clarinet, Nylon-str.Gt., Cello, Drums
GS/GM Quirks: GM: reverb, chorus, portamento

     39. ItsImposs.mid   (GM; 13K; 3:55) (Updated: 12/27/96)

* I Wanna Be Like You {BIAB}

Melody keyboard-entered; Band-in-a-Box rhythm section and soloist ("Barney Kessel," supposedly!); Blues Shuffle style and own Sax/Clarinet BIAB harmony; oh, yeh, it's the "jazz" tune from The Jungle Book....
5-Star Rating: * * * * *
Instruments: TenorSax, VoiceOohs, Clarinet, JazzGt., Organ3, Nylon-Str.Gt., AcousticBs., MeloTom1, Drums
GS/GM Quirks: GM: reverb, chorus

     98. IWannaBLY.mid   (GM; 48K; 4:12) (Uploaded: 6/29/99)

* Jazz Blues II

A swing-bop jazz tune based on a guitar-solo exercise from Mickey Baker's _Jazz_Guitar_ book....
5-Star Rating: * * *
Instruments: JazzGt., Brass1, Trumpet, MutedGt., Nylon-str.Gt.(2), AcousticBs., RubberBass, Drums
GS/GM Quirks: GS: BankSelect, NRPN(FilterCutoff); GM: reverb, chorus

     62. JazzBlue2.mid   (GS; 23K; 1:49) (Updated: 6/26/97)

* Jockey Full of Bourbon

Tom Waits tune from Rain Dogs, with a concerted attempt to reproduce Marc Ribot's great reverb-soaked (and Spanish-flavored) lead guitar...
5-Star Rating: * * * *
Instruments: Oboe, VoiceOohs, OverdriveGt., EchoDrops, BaritoneSax, MutedGt., AcousticBs., Drums
GS/GM Quirks: GS: BankSelect, GSdrumnote#, Sysex(rev:Hall1); GM: reverb, chorus, portamento

     115. JockBourb.mid   (GS; 41K; 3:04) (Uploaded: 2/22/00)

* Laguna Sunrise

A medley of Tony Iommi's more mellow tunes (from his Black Sabbath years); aside from "Laguna Sunrise in toto, "Embryo" serves as the Intro, and the beginning of "Planet Caravan" serves as Coda....
5-Star Rating: * * * *
Instruments: StringSlap, CleanGt., Violin, SynStrings1, VoiceOohs, Steel-Str.Gt., Nylon-Str.Gt.(2), JazzGt., FingeredBs., Windchime, Cello, Drums
GS/GM Quirks: GS: BankSelect, Sysex(rev:Hall1,; chor:ShortDelay), NRPN(AttackTime,DecayTime,ReleaseTime); GM: reverb, chorus, portamento

     105. LagSun.mid   (GS; 22K; 4:01) (Uploaded: 8/22/99)

* Minor Matter

A Joe Pass solo guitar piece, displaying his patented block-chord style; added a cliché walking-bass-line Intro & Coda, some perfunctory bass & drums (mute 'em!), guitar fret noise, and even a flat B string that "Joe" has to tune up in the beginning (boy, those pros can tune quickly!)....
5-Star Rating: * *
Instruments: Gt.FretNoise, JazzGt.(6), AcousticBs., Drums
GS/GM Quirks: GS: GSdrumnote#, Sysex(rev:Room1;chor:ShortDelay); GM: reverb, chorus, portamento

     37. MinorMatter.mid   (GS; 12K; 2:04) (Updated: 12/27/96)

* Munsters Theme

Felt the urge to throw off a quick MIDI version of Jack Marshall's 1964 TV theme tune (dang Nick-at-Night!)...
5-Star Rating: * * * *
Instruments: Piccolo, Organ1, Marimba, Trombone, Tuba,MutedGt.(2), DistortionGt., FingeredBs., Clav, Drums
GS/GM Quirks: GS: Sysex(rev:Hall1); NRPN(FilterCutoff); GM: reverb, chorus, portamento

     151. Munsters.mid   (GS; 17K; 1:18) (Uploaded: 3/27/02)

* Mustang Sally {BIAB; karaoke}

The great Motown blues tune; Melody mac-keyboard-entered; Band-in-a-Box style: BEEBROCK.STY, soloist: "Blues Quartet-(Even 8ths)"...
5-Star Rating: * * * *
Instruments: TenorSax, OverdriveGt., Trumpet, Brass1, E.Piano1, MutedGt., FingeredBs., AltoSax, Drums
GS/GM Quirks: GS: Sysex(rev:Hall1); GM: reverb, chorus

     98. MustSall.mid   (GS; 38K; 4:03) (Updated: 2/2/01)

* Ode to Joy

Famous theme from Beethoven's 9th Symphony  arranged in a minimalist "chamber" style (2 to 4 voices). Sorry about the cymbals towards the end!...
5-Star Rating: * * *
Instruments: Clav., CoupledHps., Flute, FrenchHorn, Oboe, FingeredBs., Drums
GS/GM Quirks: GS: BankSelect, Sysex(rev:Room3); GM: reverb, chorus

     3. OdeToJoy.mid   (GS; 8K; 1:36) (Updated: 11/12/96)

* One Note Samba

A.C. Jobim's classic bossa...
5-Star Rating: * * * *
Instruments: Nylon-Str.Gt.(6), Flute, Vibraphone, Agogo, Drums
GS/GM Quirks: GS: GSdrumnote#; GM: reverb, chorus

     128. OneNoteS.mid   (GS; 20K; 2:34) (Updated: 2/2/01)

* Rebel Rouser/Big River

Duane Eddy's "twang guitar" anthem, plus (modified) interpolations from Luther Perkins on J. Cash's "Big River"...
5-Star Rating: * * * *
Instruments: CleanGt.(2), MutedGt., Trumpet, Brass1, Clav, FingeredBs., Trombone, Applause, Drums(2)
GS/GM Quirks: GS: GSdrumPC(BrushSet), Sysex(rev:Plate; DrumRemap), NRPN(FilterCutoff); GM: softpedal, reverb, chorus, RPN(PitchbendSens)

     114. RebRiver.mid   (GS; 46K; 3:12) (Updated: 2/2/01)

* Shakespeare Airs {karaoke}

A medley of three tunes associated with (and contemporary to) Shakespeare's plays; all originally lute arrangements, recast here to woodwinds and strings ...
5-Star Rating: * * * *
Instruments: Flute(2), Violin(2), Oboe,Nyl.-str.Gt., Cello, FrenchHorn, Tubular-bell
GS/GM Quirks: GS: BankSelect, Sysex(rev:Hall1; ScaleTuning[mean], GSPartPan[random]), NRPN(FilterCutoff,AttackTime); GM: reverb, chorus

     77. ShakespAirsKAR.mid   (GS; 17K; 2:40) (Updated: 6/2/98)

Sample Lyrics--
  {ROGERO (Anon.-traditional): _King_Lear_ 1.4}
    "Fools had ne'er less wit in a year,
      For wise men are grown foppish. . . ."

  {FULL FATHOM FIVE (R. Johnson, 1613?): _The _Tempest_ 1.2}
    "Full fathom five thy father lies.
      Of his bones are coral made. . . ."

  {WHERE THE BEE SUCKS (R. Johnson, 1613?): _The_Tempest_ 5.1}
    "Where the bee sucks, there suck I:
    In a cowslip's bell I lie. . . ."

* Spooky {BIAB}

An old garage-jam favorite--first diddled with the changes in Band-in-a-Box (Medium Rock Style), then laid down the melody and leads on the keyboard....
5-Star Rating: * * *
Instruments: Clarinet, SquareWave, MutedGt., DistortionGt., Trumpet, E.Piano1, FretlessBs., Drums
GS/GM Quirks: GM: reverb, chorus

     45. Spooky.mid   (GM; 31K; 3:04) (Updated: 6/26/97)

* Summertime

A pop/rock/blues version, based on my arrangement for our band when we called ourselves "SummerTyme"--well, I guess that band sounded most like the sloppy 3rd chorus herein. (And oh, yeh, the bass DOES sound like The Doors....)
5-Star Rating: * * * *
Instruments: Trumpet, Trombone, DistortionGt., JazzGt., SlapBass1, Drums
GS/GM Quirks: GM: reverb, chorus, portamento

     40. Summtime.mid   (GM; 23K; 2:53) (Updated: 2/15/97)

* Swing 42 {BIAB}

Django's "Hot Club of France" tune, with a guest cameo by Joe Pass in the middle solo; BIAB: J_DIZZY.STY, Django-Ac.Guitar & JPassGuitar soloists....
5-Star Rating: * * * *
Instruments: Violin, Clarinet, JazzGt., Steel-Str.Gt., Nylon-Str.Gt., AcousticBs., Gt.FretNoise, StringSlap, Drums
GS/GM Quirks: GS: GSdrumPC(BrushSet), NRPN(FilterCutoff,AttackTime); GM: reverb, chorus

     99. Swing42.mid   (GS; 36K; 3:46) (Uploaded: 6/29/99)

* Take Five

5/4 classic--based on our old jazz guitar duet arrangement; mostly keyboard-input, including the "crazy" trumpet at the end....
5-Star Rating: * * *
Instruments: JazzGt.(2), Trumpet,Nylon-str.Gt., SlappBass1, Drums
GS/GM Quirks: GM: reverb, chorus

     47. TakeFive.mid   (GM; 27K; 2:38) (Updated: 5/3/97)

* Wish You Were Here

Four-guitar arrangement of classic Pink Floyd tune (1975); guitar sections pretty close to original, but vocal/verse sections turned into a "music-box"-y thing...
5-Star Rating: * * * *
Instruments: Steel-StrGt(2), Nylon-StrGt(2)
GS/GM Quirks: GS: NRPN(FilterCutoff); GM: reverb, chorus, portamento

     155. WishHere.mid   (GS; 32K; 3:34) (Uploaded: 7/9/02)

* XFilesRemix

Starts out like the TV theme, then turns into a techno-stomp. . . .
5-Star Rating: * * *
Instruments: WarmPad, Goblin, OverdriveGt.(2), Whistle, Harp, Bass&Lead(2), SynthBass2, SynthBass3, ReverseCymbal, Drums
GS/GM Quirks: GS: BankSelect, GSdrumPC(ElectronicSet), Sysex(rev:Hall1), NRPN(FilterResonance,AttackTime,DecayTime,ReleaseTime); GM: reverb, chorus

     87. XFilesRemix.mid   (GS; 34K; 4:02) (Updated: 1/12/00)


-------- XMAS Arrangements --------

  "I hates Christmas"--but I just LOVES arrangin' Christmas carols: most of the Xmas tunes here are based on a guitar Xmas tape I made for friends a few years back. Maybe QTMI sucks, but it sure beats ping-pongin' tracks off o' K-Mart stereo speakers, and playin' drums on a coffee can! [Reference to QTMI now obsolete, says Mr. fancy-pants Sound Canvas owner]....

  See also "Ode to Joy," above, although how it got to be a Christmas tune is beyond the ken of this South Dakotan. (Okay, so I have "Greensleeves" below, but its transformation into a Xmas ditty seems to have a longer historical tradition ["What child is this...."].)

A zipped file of 'em (49K; Uploaded: 12/5/96)

(Sorry, Mac compatriots, but WE can handle .zip better than THEY can handle .hqx--I HOPE, anyway--could a DOS/Windows person tell me if they don't unzip correctly!?)

(Most of the individual files have undergone minor revision since uploading this zip file; will update it--oh--next November?...)


* The Christmas Song ("Chestnuts roasting....")

Changed the original solo guitar to a piano, and then--well, it was downhill from there....
5-Star Rating: * * * * *
Instruments: WarmPad, EchoDrops, Fantasia, JazzGt., Piano2w, FingeredBs., Drums
GS/GM Quirks: GS: BankSelect, GSdrumnote#; GM: softpedal, reverb, chorus

     23. XmasSong.mid   (GS; 15K; 3:14) (Updated: 5/3/97)

* Good King Wenceslas / God Rest Ye Merry Gentlemen (medley)

Sorry--rather stiff, boring stuff, but for the Tom Waitsian stuck-note coda.... Oh, yeh, that's supposed to be a wind chime, not a window breaking!! [--nixed the stupid thing--]...
5-Star Rating: * * *
Instruments: Soundtrack, Nylon-str.Gt., Clarinet, Flute, EnglishHorn, Trumpet, StarTheme, Oboe, Drums
GS/GM Quirks: GS: Sysex(rev:Room3/Hall1); GM: softpedal, chorus

     28. GKWencGRYMG.mid   (GS; 13K; 2:54) (Updated: 5/4/97)

* Greensleeves

"Muzac City, man": including a high-strings climax--redeemed slightly by a concluding false start into "We Three Kings"....
5-Star Rating: * * *
Instruments: SlowStrings, Nylon-str.Gt., Flute, Clarinet, FrenchHorn, SteelDrums, Drums
GS/GM Quirks: GS: Sysex(rev:Room3;chor:ShortDelay); GM: chorus

     29. Greensleeves.mid   (GS; 9K; 2:29) (Updated: 11/28/96)

* It's Beginning to Look a Lot Like Christmas

A jaunty version, even if I _did_ overdo the triplets....
5-Star Rating: * * *
Instruments: Trumpet, Fantasia, OverdriveGt., Piano2, JazzGt., SlapBass1, Drums
GS/GM Quirks: GM: reverb, chorus, portamento

     31. BeginToLook.mid   (GM; 13K; 2:02) (Updated: 5/3/97)

* Jingle Bells

One happy-hoppin' raggedy-rockin' arrangement, after the joke false-starts....
5-Star Rating: * * * * *
Instruments: Laughing, Strings, Fantasia, VoiceOohs, JazzGt., Piano2, DistortionGt., PickedBs., Drums
GS/GM Quirks: GS: BankSelect, GSdrumnote#; GM: softpedal, reverb, chorus, portamento

     32. JingleBells.mid   (GS; 13K; 2:30) (Updated: 6/7/97)

* The Little Drummer Boy

"Guess I'd better try some percussive instrumentation here"; a habañera/drone approach (yeh, really original, fella!)....
5-Star Rating: * * * *
Instruments: ChoirAahs, Fantasia, Clarinet, Oboe, FingeredBs., SteelDrums, Drums
GS/GM Quirks: GS: Sysex(rev:Hall1); GM: reverb, chorus

     25. LDrBoy.mid   (GS; 16K; 2:43) (Updated: 5/3/97)

* Ode to Joy


     [3. OdeToJoy.mid   {size & date details, etc., above}]

* Santa Claus Is Coming... / Jingle Bell Rock (medley)

The beginning is _supposed_ to sound like a bad harmonica player; the rest swings pretty well, I think.... (See next for revised version of this tune.)
5-Star Rating: * * * * *
Instruments: ReedOrgan, AltoSax, Piano2, DistortionGt., SlapBass2, Drums
GS/GM Quirks GM: reverb, chorus

     26. SantaRock.mid   (GM; 14K; 2:42) (Updated: 6/9/97)

* Santa Claus Is Coming... / Jingle Bell Rock (medley) (II)

GS revision of SantaRock.mid, with synth, better drums, etc....
5-Star Rating: * * * * [but "improved"!]
Instruments: AltoSax, Trumpet, Piano1, DistortionGt., JazzGt., Oboe, ChoirAahs, SlapBass1, Drums
GS/GM Quirks GS: Sysex(rev:Hall1), NRPN(FilterCutoff,FilterResonance); GM: reverb, chorus

     110. SantaRock2.mid   (GS; 24K; 2:52) (Updated: 11/21/01)

* Silent Night

Yu' know you're in trouble when yu' only use three [now four] instruments, and one of 'em's a sitar! [changed it to an accordion!]--call it a "mood" arrangement (very slow, "ad lib" feel).... First effort at changing the global reverb & chorus settings via SysEx messages, so now it's REALLY weird....
5-Star Rating: * * *
Instruments: Door, DoorCreaking, Fantasia, Nylon-str.Gt., AccordianFr, SynthBass2
GS/GM Quirks: GS: BankSelect, Sysex(rev:PanningDelay;chor:Flanger); GM: reverb, chorus

     27. SilentNight.mid   (GS; 7K; 1:37) (Updated: 5/4/97)

* Silver Bells

Pretty nice, but for the weird Intro & Coda. (Geez, I was _wonderin'_ when I'd get a chance to use that Tinkle Bell instrument.... [ended up changing it!])
5-Star Rating: * * *
Instruments: ReedOrgan, IceRain, Vibraphone, Piano1, DistortionGt., SynthBass2, Drums
GS/GM Quirks: GS: GSdrumnote#; GM: reverb, chorus, portamento

     30. SilvBells.mid   (GS; 11K; 2:40) (Updated: 2/6/97)

* White Christmas

Tried to retain more of the original solo guitar feel--then a pretty eccentric combo in the 2nd half....
5-Star Rating: * * * * *
Instruments: Windchime, Strings, AltoSax, PanFlute, Marimba, Atmosphere, Nylon-str.Gt., SlapBass1, Drums
GS/GM Quirks: GS: BankSelect; GM: softpedal, reverb, chorus

     24. WhiteXmas.mid   (GS; 11K; 2:25) (Updated: 11/12/96)

* Winter Wonderland

Kind of a catchy country guitar rhythm beneath the schmaltzy chordal melody....
5-Star Rating: * * * *
Instruments: IceRain, Vibraphone, Marimba w, ChoirAahs, SynVox, Atmosphere, Nylon-str.Gt., SlapBass2, Drums
GS/GM Quirks: GS: BankSelect, GSdrumnote#; GM: softpedal, reverb, chorus

     21. WintWonder.mid   (GS; 17K; 2:23) (Updated: 4/30/97)


-------- BAND-in-a-BOX STUFF --------

NO, I HAVEN'T used BIAB for my MIDI files! (I know what you're thinkin': I SHOULD?!) Not directly, anyway: I recently (1/97) acquired it to help my keyboard riffs: I get (have!) to play those simple lines over and over before recording 'em in my sequencer. (BIAB also gives yu' good ideas for drum trax & instrument mixes and a nice overall feel for different genres.) ........ Okay, I've succumbed! MIDI files that employ BIAB "cheats" are so designated....
    Well, for you BIAB-ers, I'll be posting a few "user" songs and styles here:

Not sure how my server handles such file types, so I zipped 'em; K sizes aren't given since, as you know, the file sizes are ridiculously small....



A Frankenstein joining of a Country Rock style ([a] part) and a Hard Rock style ([b] part) (both from BIAB), for us old rockers who like a heavy jam section at the end of those Country Rock songs we have to play in So.Dak. to make a living.... (1/97)



Complete (ergo small) original Style based on my "usual" guitar arpeggio style-- works nicely on many slow-to-uptempo pop/schmaltz/light-rock tunes that ask for a mellow, laid-back style. (But no strings, thank God!) (updated: 1/26/97)


* Jazz-Rock-Minor Jam Tunes

Practice your minor scales
over cool chords with a beat;
zipped file includes--
    * Coke'n'Rhumba.SGI--original progression; Em Aeolian (& GMaj)
    * HorseWithNoName.SGA--America's big hit; Em Dorian
    * OyeComoVa.SGE--Santana meets the Miami Sound; Am Dorian
    * Spooky.MGC--60's radio favorite; Am Dorian (melody included in 1st verse)
    * Summertime.SG7--rockin' a Gershwin standard; Am & Dm Dorian (& CMaj)
    * TakeFive.SG4--Paul Desmond jazz classic; Am Dorian (& CMaj) (1/97)



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